Volunteer Day With Rolling Harvest

Lindsay and Andrea, two of our vegetable farmers extraordinaire, organized a volunteer ‘gleaning’ day with Rolling Harvest. It was a huge success! The donated food will go to pantries, shelters and households in need – and will provide solid local nutrition.


Cathy Snyder, the founder of Rolling Harvest, was so excited by the bounty and the possibility of this Swiss chard, salad mix, fennel and more getting into the hands of those who need it most. Check out all the great work they do here.

Just as she appreciated the ability to pick off the land at Double Brook Farm, we too are so grateful for her work in our community. A great day was had by all!


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NJ Secretary of Agriculture Visits Double Brook Farm and Brick Farm Market!


Today we got a visit from Doug Fisher, the Secretary of Agriculture for the State of New Jersey. Hopewell Borough Mayor, Paul Anzano, set up the meet-and-greet and we had the perfect day to show him our ‘terroir’: our land, our animals, our products and our excellent local staff!


It was a great opportunity to discuss our experiences both as farmers and retailers of farmed and locally-sourced products.

We kicked things off at the market.


He even sampled one of our vegetables juices. The jury’s still out on this one. All I can say is that he didn’t turn around and order a 16-oz serving of the Green Monster. But it’s an acquired taste!


We stopped by the farm afterward to see turkeys, chickens, sheep and pigs.


Thank you, Mayor Anzano for setting up this meeting and to Secretary Fisher for taking an interest in our operation. He left the visit by telling us he was ‘blown away’ by the operation. Not sure if this means we have to name a lunch special after him, but with an endorsement like that, I think Chase would consider it!


**Many thanks to Stephen Johnson (of the local Unionville Vineyards) for lending me his camera while mine is in the shop!!

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Turkeys on Pasture!


This time of year is very exciting on the farm. The turkeys, finally big enough to forage on their own and fend off a possible fox, are let out onto pasture. They are always tentative at first…


But then they get into the spirit of the thing.


By they end of the first week, there will be turkeys everywhere: all over fences and gates, in yards and among the tall weeds. But most notoriously, they will be on farm equipment. And making a mess. We still haven’t figured out a solution to keep them off!


But we are happy to have them on pasture, picking through grasses and bugs and enhancing flavor.


As was true last year, our turkeys come from the turkey breeder, Frank Reese, Jr. of Good Shepherd Turkey Ranch in Kansas. Yes, Jon drove once again in the sprinter van to collect the turkey poults back in May – in what can only be described as a one-of-a-kind road trip experience.


Frank raises all heritage breeds in way that we have found to be superior. The birds are larger and healthier than any we have found and they are great foragers – taking to the grass like a fish to water.  Jon even spotted a wild turkey in with our birds yesterday!


Event though Thanksgiving is little less than 3 months away, you can call the Brick Farm Market at 609-466-6500 and place your order with the butcher shop at any time!


In the meantime, these guys are out every day (and in the barn at night) enjoying the pastures and fattening up.


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