CNBC Piece on Double Brook Farm!

Well the piece, ‘Escaping the Cube’, finally was aired and it came out well. No massive errors, miscues or flubs. I think they did a great job telling our story in words and pictures. Hope you like it!



You might have to scroll down a bit and align the frame, but if you press the icon for full screen (2 arrows at the bottom right – you’ll have to align to see the icon) it works best.

If you have trouble viewing it please try THIS LINK to the CNBC website.

We are so happy they chose us to be the subjects of one of their episodes of  ‘Escaping the Cube’!

Turning to other business, there are still seats available for the Middle Eastern Plates Market Dinner at the Brick Farm Market Saturday night. The MENU will be amazing: fresh pita, labneh (made with our single-origin antibiotic free, hormone free non-homogenized milk!), vegetables and meats from the farm and herbs and spices from the farm and beyond.  7-10pm  – Saturday June 27 ** BYOB Register HERE.



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Double Brook Farm Featured on CNBC This Friday!

Jon and I were honored to be asked to participate in the CNBC segment “Escaping the Cube”: a series of 2-minute looks into the lives of former corporate professionals who left ‘the cube’ to work on something for which they had a passion.  It is slated to air during CNBC’s ‘Power Lunch’  – 1-3pm EST – this Friday, June 19 (it could get bumped, we’re told, up to the second it will air). Catch it if you can! We will definitely have the video on our site when we get our hands on it.

Following are some of my photos of our day with the film crew! The pigs really shine when ‘action’ is called!

We started in the turkey pen with the 2-week-old poults…

DSC_0101 12.47.43 PM

As you can see, the turkeys were ‘all over it’.


I even have some footage and photo bombs from the nursery!

Then we hit up the veggie fields and the barns over by the Martin tract.  The pigs were really interested in what were were doing.



And the producer was not sure how to get the best shot of  300 lbs of muscle and fat.


But true to their nature, they settled down and let themselves be photographed and filmed exhibiting their natural behavior. This one is demanding a SAG card stat!



We have no idea what went on in the editing process, but we hope you enjoy it.

Here’s one more photo. This sow just couldn’t get enough of the Jerry the camera man!


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Beautiful Pictures From the Martin Tract

JK, our superbly talented neighbor, took a walk a couple of weeks ago to the pond on the Martin tract. She sent me these fantastic photos. The walk to the pond was ho-hum, with the obligatory animals on pasture…


But the pond had come into full spring and was absolutely bristling with wildlife and beauty.


First, there was an inspection of the beaver dam and continuing evidence of their destructive ways.



Sitting by the pond, JK saw tons of red winged blackbirds, swallows and turtles, as well as some Canada geese (naturally) with goslings.


But it was the action between a green heron and a red winged blackbird that really caught her eye. Apparently, the heron was encroaching on the blackbird’s territory. Swooping in and finding a perch to survey the happenings at the pond.



Herons will eat small birds and bird eggs. And this blackbird saw the heron coming a mile away and was having none of it. (The picture below is just stunning!).

red-tipped blackbird

The male quickly gave chase, which JK caught on camera.


After that drama unfolded, the birds took to the water and resumed normal activities.

wood duck

All in all, a wonderful pictorial. Thank you JK for sharing these beautiful images with us!

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