Afternoon Walk in the Sheep Pasture

We took a late day walk with Sarge in the sheep’s pasture. It was beautiful day – with perfect light and a gentle breeze rustling the Queen Anne’s Lace.


The sheep are used to Bea and guard dogs in general. And some are even used to Border Collies. But they did not expect the full throttle energy of Sarge (a pit bull, boxer, shar pei, terrier mix…).


And the sheep took off!


But as you might imagine with credentials such as these, Sarge has no instincts. So he quickly went in another direction.


But the sheep were intrigued.


So they began to follow him.


And from then on they herded HIM around the pasture!


After about the third pass, Sarge assessed the situation… and decided it was time to go home.


And the sheep? Well they just resumed their normal activities.


DSC_0027Just another calm afternoon on the farm.


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Butterflies, Sunflowers and 10 Favorite Things

The first Monarch Butterfly arrived last week! They say the milkweed is making a comeback so I hope we see many more.


These Yellow Swallowtails are everywhere. And they are HUGE this year.  I attract them to the farm with an enormous, unruly butterfly bush. It’s almost like cheating.


This is also a great time of year on the farm – especially for vegetables and fruits. The tomatoes are gorgeous and taste like summer. Literally, I think.


Onions, garlic, greens, peppers and so much more being picked and pulled every day.


And the sunflowers are out in almost every color.


Look for them in the Brick Farm Market or through the Ralston Farm CSA. (Ralston Farm is our vegetable partner working some of the Double Brook Farm land…).

Last and possibly least, the Princeton Magazine did a ’10 Favorite Things’ featuring me! I hope you enjoy this little snapshot of my obsession with food, family and fun.


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Check Us Out in Edible Jersey!

Screen Shot 2015-07-25 at 12.07.20 PM

We love Edible Jersey. Great stories about food and always beautiful pictures. This month is no exception – and we are featured in it to boot!


Diana Cercone wrote a great story about our newly minted on-farm processing facility. And Karin Belgrave took the photographs.  Click HERE for the story. Or better yet, come to the market for a copy and pick up some goodies while you’re there!

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