Getting Ready for the Holidays!

After the Thanksgiving rush, we are settling back into the usual cold weather routine (and our gym routine!). The animals are moving a little more slowly and soaking up any stray sunshine they can.


This handsome boar is just tired or the ennui of it all. Waiting for the ladies can be so exhausting.


Kasey and Bea are especially busy this time of year. Things are a little leaner for the predators so potentially easy pickings would be a nice fat hen or small yearling sheep.

Not on Kasey’s watch!

DSC_0008 2

Please be sure to check in at the Brick Farm Market for any holiday ordering you’d like to do! We have all our meats and vegetables from the farm and local farms, as well as baked items, cheese plates, gifts and any catered item from our holiday CATERING MENU.

Or check out the Market Dinners we have scheduled for 2015. All 5-course farm-to-table affairs served at the market after hours. Fine dining in a relaxed setting and it’s BYO!


What could be better than a locally sourced hassle-free meal over the holidays?




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Turkeys Make Their Way to Market

This weekend was the annual turkey harvest and the fresh turkeys are now ready for pickup at the Market. If you forgot to order, we have a limited number of fresh birds for pickup starting today through Wednesday. It will be first-come-first-served! It was a great weekend of teamwork. Below are Willson and Tom Gates cleaning the birds in a very steamy cleaning room.

DSC_0029 2

And neighbor John Comp was on hand to peel and clean gizzards.


He does quality work. Gravy lovers everywhere will be thanking him!


It was a cold weekend – especially when you needed to fish the chilled birds out of the ice water! Brrrr.


But Lindsay and Courtney did it with a smile.



At the end of the two day effort, we were left with a pile of feathers and innards for composting and approximately 500 beautiful, heritage birds for the market. Plus a team of very tired farm hands and volunteers. A big thank you to everyone who helped out!


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Settling into Fall

Martin Tract Panorama

Photo courtesy of JK

There are so many things that seem to slow down immediately in the cooler weather. The animals nap a little more and seem to nestle and roost more frequently. Everything is less rushed – even breathing!


Thank goodness for the dogs protecting our sheep and chickens as the coyotes are also getting ready for winter and looking to fatten up. They have been spotted all around our parcels of land and at St. Michaels.


It’s also a time to repair fences, equipment, facilities and to start planning for the new year. Taking time, of course, to celebrate the holidays, and ask the tough questions: Do we, or do we not fry a turkey this year? ORDER YOUR TURKEY AT THE MARKET (609) 466-6500!


It is one of the best times of year for vegetables because the plants react to the cold by producing sugars. The glucose and fructose produced guards against the cold and protects the plant from freezing during a frost.  The result? Sweet, crisp radishes, beets, brussels sprouts, carrots and more!


Stews, roasts and hearty, warming soups are on the menu at the farm!


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