An EGG-cellent Start to the Week

Brett sent me this picture from the fields this morning: 5 baskets of eggs!!! It’s time to start baking, poaching, frying, scrambling and otherwise consuming eggs, STAT!


Usually, we’re at about 2-2.5 baskets, but when the warmer weather kicks in, the ladies get a little more prolific.  This is a serious haul. Now, if we can just keep the dog from consuming more than her share…


Are you feeling like you want to experience a little more spring? Come to the Early Spring Supper Saturday night at the Brick Farm Market with Chef Aaron Philipson of Blue Bottle Cafe.  Register HERE. See the menu HERE. Spaces are filling up quickly so sign up soon.


Aaron, who often purchases meat from Double Brook Farm, will be using our lamb to create his ‘duo of lamb’.  Tasty!

Speaking of lamb. It’s almost that time of year. About 200 new lambs will be born over the next month or so!


Brett has moved the flock closer to his house so that he can watch over the process from dawn to dusk.  It’s gonna get loud! But for now, the ewes are waiting for the snow to completely melt and eating all the hay they can.



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Spring in the Fields

We are gearing up for a busy spring.  The last snows should be finished as of this week (please, oh please!). Surveying the fields are the ever-present red-tailed hawks. JK snapped this picture of one of the birds taking flight. Beautiful!


Photo by JK

The grasses are turning greener and the sheep are looking forward to new, tender shoots coming up through the straw of winter. Being hair sheep, they now get to shed their winter coats!


And the ground is finally thawing out – providing a much needed bath for the pigs.


Life starts anew here at the farm. Lamb season is coming and their is a definite feeling on youth all around…


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Bring On The Sunshine!

Can the snow really be melting? Have you had enough? For some there is never enough snow…


But for others, it just might be better to let the thaw begin. Look at this fur!


The sheep seem very happy in and around the tree line, but especially in the sun.


And when they see Jess, who might just have a little grain for the ewes.


All the animals were out sunning themselves and taking various ‘baths’.


What a difference a couple of days make!

For some, a bit of sunshine simply isn’t enough.

If you’ve really had it with the cold…If you are desperate for vacation and cannot go soon enough… Or maybe you have no plans and are staring down a long month of March and you need a change of scenery ‘in the now’… GO TO ITALY!


This Saturday, March 14, we are having our RUSTIC ITALIAN market dinner. Five courses of delicious locally-sourced Italian food. Bring some red wine (if you have any left over after this winter) and let someone else do the cooking while you relax and mangia bene!

To register and see the menu, click here.

I’ll leave you with my favorite ad of the season. This just about sums it up!



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