School Visit to the Farm and Market!


We had a great visit from the PDS middle school ‘Top Chef’ class this week!  On Day 1, the group came to the farm, then had a special lunch at the market.

One of the first things they saw (our best party trick, really) was Blue herding the sheep.


Then we boarded the bus for the Martin tract to see more animals. The chickens and Kasey were inside after the blizzard and will likely stay there until after this cold snap.


Then through the pig enclosures (piglets!! more piglets!!!), we saw the sows roaming the fields.


They were intrigued…


But it was the hulking figure in the trees beyond that caught our attention. An enormous bald eagle.


Then, for a slightly more intense part of the tour, we headed to the slaughterhouse (not in use) to look inside. The kids were respectful of and interested in the space. And Zach was just the guy to give them information. Here is Zach telling the kids exactly how it all takes place and why it’s so important to harvest animals the way we do it. Great questions and great answers!


We then moved to the market where Chef Chase Gerstenbacher had prepared a menu for the group. Kids’ classics such as brick oven pizza, turkey wraps and burgers but with jersey tomatoes, Double Brook turkey, 100% grass-fed beef and baked items from our bakery out back.


On Day 2, Chef Chase went to Pretty Brook Farm to show the students how to make polenta with tomato-braised greens.  As I was walking out the door I heard this: “we put 2 TABLESPOONS of salt in, when it was supposed to be 2 TEASPOONS! What do we do??!'”  Culinary teaching moment!!



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Digging Out and Digging in!

It was quite the storm and the animals did just great. Phillip Haynes took this amazing photo of the pigs at the height of the blizzard. Looks like a scene from The Revenant!


But, pigs being pigs, they rooted deep and were able to get to the ground in no time.


And now that the snow has cleared somewhat, they are happy as clams in their shelters.


Want to get cozy with a 6-course dinner served at the market after hours? Join us for a Valentine’s Weekend dinner on SATURDAY February 13 at the Brick Farm Market. Grass-Fed beef, lobster, farm-fresh parsnip soup, goat cheese panna cotta and more. See the whole menu HERE. Served at one of our four community tables, this feast is for anyone from the awkward blind date, to old friends to romantic couples. Come shake off the cold with a beautifully presented, delicious meal! (BYOB, 7-10pm) REGISTER HERE.




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A Snowy, Windy Day at the Farm


Like the rest of you, this is what we woke up to this morning! First things first, we needed to get the loader started with jumper cables, or the whole day was going to go south.  After 1 hour of digging (#whoneedsagym), we could finally get close enough and…success!!!


And now off to the check on the sheep in the adjacent field. Water, feed and and laying our eyeballs on their condition being of utmost importance.


But first, a snuggle with Bea, the queen of the sheep. Good girl!


And the sheep looked happy nestled in the trees (and anticipating fresh hay).


Orlando joined us with Bea’s food.


The wind was ripping!


But as you can see, the sheep were calm. They would rather have snow than rain and sleet, combined with freezing temps. Snow is a great insulator!


Now time to pull apart those bales and get fresh feed to the sheep. Orlando does the honors.


And the sheep get right into it!


Phil uses a different technique to break up the bales.


Either way, the sheep are happy. After they eat and drink, they will wander back into the woods and do what we are all doing: wait this thing out!



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