Farm to School Day!


Once again, Double Brook Farm participated in the Hopewell Elementary Farm to School Day. Lindsay and Andrea spent the day giving students hayrides and answering questions about the farm from these budding farmers (ex. “Where do the animals take naps during the day?” and “Can you feed a sheep ice cream?”).


The kids loved the big bump in the field!

DSC_0046 2

It was a perfect day to be pulled around in a hay wagon outside. A big thanks to the vegetable team for donating their time to the school.



And once again, our Martin Tract neighbor, JK, has captured the essence of a morning on the farm, as the fog rolls over the fields. Thank you for sharing this photo!

IMG_4750 edit

Photo by JK.


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All Quiet Until…

So the piglets were snoozing peacefully over at the Martin tract.


But then a couple of them got this great idea…to tussle!


And tussle…


And tussle.




Until they got tuckered out. And hungry.


Sometimes it’s best just to have a space of your own. And relax.





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Jenny, Jenny!

As it turns out, guard dogs work better and are happier in a pair. So, we decided to put Bea and Kasey together with the chickens. But what to do with the sheep?

Donkeys!! What? Yes, donkeys!


Introducing our two jennys (that’s female donkey to you and me): Sassy (left) and Bella. Sassy, who is estimated to be about 12, came from the Bureau of Land Management program to adopt wild donkeys.


Bella, below, is just about 18 months old, and born in captivity.



It is a little-known fact (outside of farming circles, that is) that donkeys are excellent guardians of livestock. They will literally kick a fox, coyote, weasel and/or racoon to death if it wasn’t scared off already by its maniacal braying.  Sarge better not get into this enclosure!

DSC_0012 2

They are both very sweet and the boys spent a lot of time stroking their soft ears and feeding them apples (well, mostly Bella because Sassy is very shy).

Welcome to the farm!



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