Summer Harvest

DSC_0003 2

The vegetable fields are bumping! The tomatoes are almost ready and there are oodles of leafy greens, squash, herbs and more coming in every day.  Click here for this week’s vegetable ‘menu’.

Thank you Lindsay for taking these photos and showing us some different views!


From flowers, ready to be cut, to tomato plants in the sliding greenhouse…


To the crew at work (or is it just Charlton at work??!) and ready to call it quits for the day.



If you are adventurous, now is also the time of year for the wineberry.


Cousin of the raspberry, they grow wild all over New Jersey and are a tasty, juicy berry to add to yogurt, smoothies or just to pop in your mouth as you go! I found this grove by the Martin tract in the woods behind the pig enclosures.


Remember to bring a stick to sweep away spider webs if you’re going through the forest!


And to look closely, because there are berries hiding under leaves everywhere.


I must say, it was so quiet back in the woods, I was afraid I would see another berry-lover by surprise…something along the lines of this:


(I took this picture by the Delaware Water Gap, Jersey side, this June).


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Coyotes in the Field

JK, the resident photographer and nature chronicler at the Martin tract, caught this coyote lounging in the fields across from the ewes and lambs.

Coyote 1 Look at those eyes!

Coyote 2

Coyote 2a

Wonder what he’s looking at? JK noted, as you can see from this picture below, that it looks like this coyote has been tangling with something. Possibly Bea or Kasey.

Coyote 3

While the dogs are friendly, they take their jobs seriously. If the coyote was fighting with one of the guard dogs, it was lucky to get away.


Thank you JK for sending!

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Hot Weather on the Farm

Every year at about this time (usually earlier!) we have a stretch of swelteringly hot weather. Sticky, gross New Jersey heat – the kind that goes to your head and renders you senseless. Many people have asked how the animals cope and what shade are they given at these times to escape the heat.

DSC_0060 2

First and foremost, the pigs must have a wallow and steady shade. We set generally set them up in the trees.



They are the most sensitive of all farm animals to the heat and need to be able to cool down their skin and stay out of the sun lest they sunburn (for real!).


The chickens (and Kasey) seek shelter in, under and around the laying wagons.



Kasey could almost not be bothered to come out and greet me! But then…


The sheep, which are the hardiest of our animals in dealing with temperature extremes, have a coat than protects them from the sun and a shade wagon under which they can catch a breather. A second shade wagon will be added next week. The other herd has a tree line which throws shade.


But sometimes they just like to keep moving!


And sometimes they find a nice spot in the tall grass to settle in for a nap.


Even Bea has her own shade accommodations, though she is rarely, if ever, there!


We hope you stay cool and seek out the shade when you need it.

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