Hazy Humid Days

The animals are in various locations looking to stay cool. At least fall is right around the corner, which means sweet grasses and dry, temperate days ahead.


Kasey is in and out of the shade under the chicken wagon…


And the lambs roam among the trees.


The pigs are happy as can be in the woods, with wallows all over – like so many hot springs.


In the meantime, the veggies crisp up to perfection:

DSC_0076Roll on, September!!

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14 Piglets Born (Yes to ONE Sow!) and Other Summer Happenings.


Orlando snapped this photo of the piglets when they were a day old (which was yesterday!). There are so many of these little Berkshires that I have no idea how he got all (but one) in the picture.

It’s a good thing the Berk mothers are skilled and nurturing, because Orlando, Brett and Jess have their hands full with the turkeys which are almost old enough to go out on pasture.


They grow so fast! But believe me, they have to be a little bigger so as not look like an easy target for the coyotes. Though there are some residents of the farm that wouldn’t mind a carcass or two! (Thank you Nadia for the picture).

Photo by Nadia Campbell

Photo by Nadia Campbell

It looks like the pigs aren’t the only ones who like the shaded trees in the summer. Brett took these photos of the sheep luxuriating in the shade and brush.


Hope you all are finding a comfortable spot to hang out this summer!



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You Say Tomato, I Say Tomato

We love this time of year. Fresh tomatoes, ready to eat. And the Double Brook Farm bounty has hit the Brick Farm Market finally! Heirlooms, cherry tomatoes and beefsteaks. Coming into the market throughout the day…


Sunshine only makes them tangier and deeper in flavor. Here are some in every stage on ripening.


Come in and get your hands on fresh, tasty tomatoes – with new varieties making their way to the produce section all week!


Time for my favorite summer meal: sliced beefsteak tomatoes on toasted bread with mayonnaise, salt and pepper.

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