Settling into Fall

Martin Tract Panorama

Photo courtesy of JK

There are so many things that seem to slow down immediately in the cooler weather. The animals nap a little more and seem to nestle and roost more frequently. Everything is less rushed – even breathing!


Thank goodness for the dogs protecting our sheep and chickens as the coyotes are also getting ready for winter and looking to fatten up. They have been spotted all around our parcels of land and at St. Michaels.


It’s also a time to repair fences, equipment, facilities and to start planning for the new year. Taking time, of course, to celebrate the holidays, and ask the tough questions: Do we, or do we not fry a turkey this year? ORDER YOUR TURKEY AT THE MARKET (609) 466-6500!


It is one of the best times of year for vegetables because the plants react to the cold by producing sugars. The glucose and fructose produced guards against the cold and protects the plant from freezing during a frost.  The result? Sweet, crisp radishes, beets, brussels sprouts, carrots and more!


Stews, roasts and hearty, warming soups are on the menu at the farm!


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Here Comes Trouble! And Thanksgiving Turkey Ordering…

We decided it would be a super idea to get another dog.  A herding dog this time – and a companion that could live in the house when not ‘at work’.  Oh, and we’ll get her as a puppy and train her ourselves to establish the proper bond, just like the puppy training book says. Best laid plans and all…


So we got a brand new puppy border collie last Friday from George Lake of Thistle Creek Farms. Welcome Blue (short for Blueberry)!

And what usually happens in this situation is that you forget, and I mean completely forget, to realize what puppy-proofing your house means. I know you will understand the second you see the picture below what I’m talking about.


There are no more shoes in the foyer, no exposed toes, no backpacks on the floor and certainly no socks, keys, small rugs, underwear, string, homework, ajar doors, ping pong balls, pencils or anything else of that nature within range when Blue is on the loose. And when she is loose, she is non-stop.

Frankly, the past 4 days have been a blur of chasing, being chased and taking things out of Blue’s mouth with razor-sharp puppy teeth.



And we are all a little exhausted…but happy!


In  other farm news, the turkeys are ranging about and we are taking orders for Thanksgiving turkeys, hams and all manner of sides and sweets for the feast of feasts!



Fresh turkeys, sides (made in the market), cheese trays and anything else you need can be ordered for Nov 26 pickup.


And don’t forget about the Bake Shop! We have a new pastry chef, Michael Finehirsh, who is making all your favorite pies, biscuits, rolls, cookies, quiches and more. Your family (and house guests!) will love you.

DSC_0059 2

To learn more, visit the market website at


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Sheep at St. Michaels


The fields have rested and the grass is perfect for the sheep at St. Michaels. Bella and Sassy, the two jennys, are there with the sheep to help protect them from coyotes (see them way in the back?).


There have been indications of coyotes in the fields recently – we hope Bella and Sassy get the hang of this very soon!


DSC_0066 2

Just a quick mention that St. Michaels is one of the most beautiful spots to walk, sit and reflect in our corner of the world (but don’t, unless you need some sort of shock therapy, ‘test’ the electric fencing by the sheep to see if it works. I can’t even write that sentence without shivering. As I discovered, it works!).

If you haven’t had a chance, find an hour or two to just sit in the fields and you will be rewarded!


By butterflies, migrating birds…

Photo by JK

Photo by JK

And the smallest wonders of daily life in a semi-wild and natural place.




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