Blue Herding the Sheep – a Progress Report

So Blue went to ‘camp’ this summer for 2.5 months (much to the dismay of our kids) and came back a changed dog. She stayed with Bruce and Ruth Schock in Canada and learned how to herd the sheep. She loves working!!


When we got there, Bruce and Ruth let us get reacquainted and then – it was off to the races – she wanted to show us what she’d learned!


First Bruce walked out with her so that he could indicate which herd she needed to bring in…


Then he gave the command to send her out!


Faster than any dog I’ve seen, she flew to the sheep and started circling as instructed.


Then she came around and started driving them to the barn.

DSC_0148 2

Bruce was very pleased with her work and gave her the ‘that’ll do, Blue”.  It was amazing to see her drop down and wait for the next command. She was so proud (as were we)!


So…flash to 2 months later. We are working her with our sheep and she is coming right along. She is still young, but is great with the commands. This morning, Jon took her out to the yearlings in the field.


He sent her out to the sheep and then she drove them back to him.


The sheep learn very quickly which foreign animal they’d rather be close to: man or or dog. Man wins! Check out Blue slowly walking the sheep forward.


With her work done, it’s back to the house for a treat!


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The Turkeys Are in!

I know everyone has been waiting anxiously to pick up their pasture-raised, heritage, hormone-and-antibiotic-free, local, FRESH Thanksgiving turkeys.


Well, this is the week! The turkeys that were ordered (and some that are as-of-yet unspoken for) are at the Brick Farm Market, ready for pick up. The crew worked extremely hard all weekend preparing the birds. And, after two long days and 425 birds, it was time to take a breather…


As Jon likes to say, “It’s a marathon”. And there is nothing more important after a marathon than carb-loading.  In fact, I spotted Cole and Simon doing just that at the new watering hole in town: the Brick Farm Tavern.


If you’re in a real bind, we do have some extra birds for sale at the Brick Farm Market. Mostly smaller 10-12 pounders. But come early…they don’t last long!


Now that the crush of farm activity is over for the time being, It’s time to relax and focus on other things; like getting Blue out into the field with the sheep and pigs.  But we know she has dreams that are bigger than that…


Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

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Early Morning Walk on the Farm

Every so often, I threaten the farmers that I will capture farm life right at the beginning of the day. A couple of weeks ago I had to put action to words as Princeton Online featured us for an Instagram Takeover. So, uncaffeinated, I arrived at 6:30…


I checked on the broilers and considered taking a nap in their warm cozy bed of wood shavings.


But it was out to the fields to see the sheep and chickens.


The sheep were generally just getting up and shaking off the night. I walked over  to the laying hens and quickly realized that I should make my presence well known.


It is not a good idea to take a guard dog by surprise in the half-light. This might be the last thing you see!


But after a good sniff, Kasey allowed me to come see his birds.


The birds are not particularly quiet in the morning – or ever.


There were some groups that were just getting started and taking their time in warming up to full throttle.


But inside the chicken wagon it was pandemonium. When eggs need to be laid the ladies need to get into the roosts. And they like their privacy.


How else to create the perfect egg?


At the edges, the line, and the cacophony, was building.


As the sun rose, it was time to finish the pictorial at the market. But not before catching one of the Jennys hiding in the brush.


And seeing one beautiful sunrise over the farm.

DSC_0069 2

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