The Yearly Mecca to Get the Turkeys

Jon set off this year in the van for the daunting task of retrieving this year’s crop of heritage turkeys from Frank Reese at Good Shepherd Poultry Ranch in Kansas. It is a long slog from NJ.


But worth every minute! We meet a driver with our birds half way, in Indiana, after a quick pass-through of Ohio…


Jon usually spends one night about an hour away from the ‘drop zone’.


And is clearly tempted by specials of local fare…


Is it really possible to get a steak AND a shake for under $4? Jon took a pass on this one. Next up; collecting the turkeys and heading home.


After a 22 hour drive, the turkeys are ready to hit the hay, as it were. Actually, they hit the sawdust. Jon is very happy to be rid of the turkeys in the heated car. The smell and the noise! All 1300 chirping at once.


And the turkeys are thrilled to stretch their legs and roam.


Frank refuses to ship his birds – it is part of his philosophy. He loves birds and wants to see them being cared for in the right way always. And they are the best out there – healthy heritage birds.


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Ducks Are Here! (And Blue Goes to Camp)

We just started raising ducks on the farm. I will give them this: they are noisy!


At some point they will have an enclosure at the pond, but for now, it’s baby pool all the way!

In other news, Saturday Blue goes back to Canada for – sniff, sniff – 3 months to complete her herding training.  We’re not really talking about it right now. Feeling very sad!


But we know she’s in good hands with her steady Canadian guide.


I have a feeling a rescue will make its way to our house in a couple of weeks…!


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Mares Eat Oats and Does Eat Oats and Little Goats Eat…Everything!

As the sun was setting yesterday, we noticed something moving in the trees. Something large…


Upon further investigation, it was one of the goats, eating some savory leaves high above. The goats have eaten almost all of the poison ivy, Autumn olive and Multiflora rose. It looks beautiful and completely manicured (up to 6″ high) down our driveway!


Generally, they do not like to be disturbed, so upon being spotted…


this guy beat a hasty retreat back into the underbrush, or, what’s left of it.


We decided to sneak out once more at dusk and he was at it again!


But Blue made sure that we were seen immediately!


Note all goats are created equally… This guy, named Mr. Miserable, is the mascot of our tenant farmer, Rob.


Handsome to look at, but he doesn’t eat a thing of value, he will ram you immediately if you come into his space, and he smells of the most concentrated goat smell you can imagine. Oh, and he has a ridiculous bleat. Oddly feminine for such a masculine guy. We’ll get video at some point!


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