After a Long Winter…Fresh Vegetables Are Coming

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There has been a TON of activity of by the vegetables fields. The greenhouse is humming with the business of planting seeds, transplanting seedlings and getting organized for the growing season. **Keep posted for our May SEEDLING SALE DAYS at the market**


Charlton and Lindsay are watering the soil to get it ready for seeds and seedlings. We use a press tool to create the individual planting squares so we don’t have to use plastic for all our farm plantings. Check out Andrew working his fine-motor skills with petite plants in each soil square. Hand cramp!


This is what the trays look like when the seeds start to come up.


Ahhh – peppers.  How ’bout that ‘Ring of Fire’? Maybe I’ll use that to spice up my tequila this summer.

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Chard, Beets…just weeks away from the juicer!


Okra for gumbo and for stuffing and frying.


We can’t wait to get cooking!

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Chickens In the New Chicken Wagon!


The new chicken wagon is out on the fields! After snow (and more snow), rain, sleet, wind and more, the inaugural launch was ready to happen.


First, a trove of ornery laying hens with cabin fever had to be relocated and introduced to their new deluxe laying house. If a chicken can be happy, I swear these ones were. They explored, scratched, and nestled in before roaming the grounds to see what interesting bugs and grasses could be found.



Kasey was right back in action: patrolling the perimeter and barking his head off, elated to be doing more of the ‘work’ he likes to do.


There are now 2 herds of sheep grazing at the martin Tract. JK captured them from her window. Thanks again for these pics!


Photo by JK

They are complete puffballs this time of year. Just about to shed, but not quite there yet.


Photo by JK

Photo by JK

Photo by JK

Over by the pigs, Brett and Orlando are surveying the action. Apparently, Brook, the new boar, is the cat’s meow.


Such a nice day to be out walking the land!


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Spring Mayhem

The sun was out all day and the animals were feeling it! Tom and Jerry were sparring over their one hen. In one corner, Tom was just trying to mind his own business, fraternize as usual and get on with his day. But not on this day.


Jerry took a MAJOR exception. (Jerry is the Black Spanish). They danced and pranced and pecked each other. No matter what I tried to do – dangle my camera, rush the fray, tell them to ‘stop it’ – they were oblivious.


And they kept at it.


Finally, Tom retreated to the former chicken enclave where Jerry couldn’t reach him (or couldn’t figure out the fence).

And in more animal news…

We decided to to take a little dusk-time walk to check on the pigs. The dogs were happy to be off the leash and roaming about. When suddenly, Sarge took off and tackled a POSSUM! If you’ve never seen this phenomenon, the possum plays dead forever. Sarge took it down and the started barking at it because it wouldn’t move.


We watched. Nothing. 10 minutes later. Still nothing (we could see him breathing comfortably, though).

We brought the kids out – who were a little freaked out by the teeth.


But still nothing. For all we know, he’s lying there still.


Please stay tuned to the site for news about our plant sales: tomato, pepper and lettuce seedlings and more! Also look to the market site for those listings.

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