Check Us Out in Edible Jersey!

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We love Edible Jersey. Great stories about food and always beautiful pictures. This month is no exception – and we are featured in it to boot!


Diana Cercone wrote a great story about our newly minted on-farm processing facility. And Karin Belgrave took the photographs.  Click HERE for the story. Or better yet, come to the market for a copy and pick up some goodies while you’re there!

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Blue Update and Pigs on Pasture

This summer, everyone gets to go to summer camp. Even Blue, who will be attending ‘sheep herding camp’ in Ottawa for August and part of September. Not sure how she’s going to feel not sleeping on our bed (and chewing my shoes and digging up our flower beds…), but she’ll have to adjust.  We think she’s going to love it!  All she wants to do is herd.

Here she is in action…


Above is ‘walk on’.  Below is ‘Away’. And below that is ‘Come By’.



The command for ‘charge’ is something she’s just picked up and should be curbed of by the time she’s done with camp. We hope!


Wait ’til she gets in with the sheep.


I was over at the fields and the piglets were hamming it up in the woods by the barn.

They were timid at first…


But then came right over to investigate. I love the expression on the guy in the middle!


The older, weaned pigs are taking full advantage of their wallows and shady spaces – and of the fresh grasses and roots that are all around the wooded areas.



But that never really keeps them from getting a free snack!


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Flowers and More at the Vegetable Fields

Yesterday in the stinking heat, I went to investigate what was happening at the Ralston Farm outpost on our back fields. (Ok, I went to see how my beefsteak tomatoes were doing.)  Bennett has a great staff of seasoned veterans and summer interns who were out picking and communicating about the day’s harvest and the plans for the crops. The fields were so lush and literally bursting with vitality!


When there are butterflies and bees all over the land, you know you’re doing something right.


And the sunflowers were gorgeous – stop by the market for fresh ones.


Now back to my tomatoes. The wet weather has been a little harsh on our state fruit. It’s a little late…


But there are signs of progress!


Lindsay was out picking through the cherry tomato vines for some acceptable specimens.


But what did she really want me to see?  The ducks behind the barn have produced a bevvy of little ducklings! I climbed into the pen and looked into the ‘brood house’…


Just one? But then I noticed a slight commotion behind me. Ah ha!


This mother duck knows just what to do. And the little ones followed her every move.

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