Morning Pictures (and surprises!) from the Farm

JK  captured this beautiful shot of the sun rising over the Martin tract – and dozens of sheep and lambs greeting the day…


Over on the other side of Hopewell, another nature scene was playing itself out on my front lawn.  For starters, I thought we had a deranged fox on our property because we would see it every day, very close to the house. And it looked pretty shaggy.


But as I was pulling out of the driveway this morning, I noticed the fox again. She wasn’t moving, and there was something squirming underneath her. I thought she was perhaps sitting on a groundhog, which would have been perfectly ok with this farmer. But suddenly three little kits bolted from underneath the her and into the den!



As expected, the fox was not happy to be discovered and she grabbed one of the kits and ran.



But she left the other two by the bee hives – playing happily!

DSC_0046 3


She was not pleased with this situation, to say the least.


When I left, she came back and got the the other two kits. I’m sure they’ll be back to the den, but seriously, Mrs. Fox – location is everything! Her den is 50 feet from the front door and 10 feet from the driveway!


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Update on Romeo – the Fierce Feral Cat

We thought we should update you on our highly skittish, rarely seen, vampire-like feral cat we adopted a while back. Sir Romeo.


He is a vicious predator, wily mouser and able to fend for himself with just a little help from us throughout the seasons (or shall I say, our continuous new season,: ‘never-ending cold’). But suddenly the dynamic has changed…


He’s taken to us in a big way. Jon says that’s because I feed him hamburger meat from the front doorstep, but I know that it’s because we have a connection. He waits for his treat me at the front door and walks me to my car in the morning.


It’s worth noting that we are not a ‘cat’ family, but this one is pretty darn likeable.  And yes, he’s still a supreme mouser, despite the pampering.  How long before he comes into the house?


In other news…there are over 250 lambs on the Martin tract and they are happily bonding on the fresh green grass. Sometimes the other animals get a little jealous from all the hubbub. So Brett sent me this picture of the older lambs on pasture near Bayberry Road.


But still, it’s hard to resist the little guys…They’re only young once!!



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Lambs Everywhere!

This is what it sounds like on a relatively quiet afternoon with over 100 lambs in the pasture:


The little lamb in the front was looking for its mom for about 30 minutes while we were there (it found her!). This is what happens:

1) Lamb feeds.


2) Lamb lies down and falls asleep.

DSC_0028 2

3) Ewe moves to find some fresh grass and ‘get away from it all’ with a few precious moments of peace and quiet. Honestly, when it’s someone else’s offspring wailing, can you really hear it?


4) Lamb wakes up alone.


5) Lamb starts crying for its mother and takes off looking for her, bleating all the way.

DSC_0051 2

6) Lamb nurses once again.


7) And as the little lamb settles down for a nap, the cycle repeats itself. Times 100+!


As their protector, Bea can be fierce. Here she is patrolling the perimeter.


But when she sees it’s just us, she warms up to Jon for some TLC.

DSC_0032 2


We have had zero problems with coyotes since she’s been here to protect the sheep. Good girl!


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