Now That We’re All Dug Out…

We got our feathers all ruffled up for 6 inches of the powdery stuff?


Ok, that was NOT the epic snow predicted. I mean, even Tom and Jerry were out and about – not roosting as they are want when the snows come in force…



Meager snow aside, the lambs and chickens were nestled in nicely – either in the barn or in the woods.



Meanwhile the turkey vultures looked on, waiting for more snow…and a potential ‘accident’.


The pigs ventured out of the barns early to make tracks in the snow, root through the sorghum and generally frolic about.


And, though the snow was not what was first predicted, the gift of a snow day was bestowed upon the kids. And there was happiness across the land! (And pond hockey under the lights of our car.)


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Pigs in the Sorghum Field…Fox on the Hay

The pigs are back on the other side of Hopewell and eating down the sorghum we planted for just this time of year. They’re a little camera-shy, but here’s some video of a few pigs. (There were about 60 pigs in the frame until the dogs started barking like maniacs!).


They have plenty of hay inside the barn to nestle in after mowing down the protien-rich plants and basking in the sun…


We’re all bracing for another Arctic blast! And this day of sunshine afforded this fox to grab some rays and relax.

Photo by JK

Photo by JK

Our neighbor, JK, watched him snooze (ultimately out of the wind at the base of the bale) and then pounce on a rabbit for dinner!

Speaking of dinner…Are you done with your cleanse/detox/juice fast/elimination diet/spartan greens? Ready to RE-tox? Want to try some of the farm’s meats and produce as well as savory local cooking? Check out our market dinners at the Brick Farm Market!

There is one this weekend (Saturday, January 17) highlighting the types of food that will have you thinking about a glass of wine and a chair by the fire. For more info on the ‘Winter Comfort Food’ dinner or to get a seat at the table CLICK HERE or go to EVENTS to see all the dinners.


But don’t tell the pigs!

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Chilly Times to Kick off 2015

One of our neighbors over at the Martin tract, David Rossein, snapped this beautiful photo as the sun was setting last week.


Photo by David Rossein

Oh how the times have changed. That image looks almost sultry. Jon and I took the dogs over to investigate and to check on the beaver dam that is happening in the pond in the middle of the property.


We took our time and appreciated the dry walk in the woods.


Stopped to see the lambs…


And then made our way back to the pond to see the dam. For real!


It may not look like much, but those rodents destructive. Just look at this tree – like a half-eaten snack.


They get their choppers right in there to fell trees, stop up the running water and raise the water level.


Since they have appeared on our ‘shores’, the water level has risen about 4 inches, the algae is all gone and the access to the water is devoid of the high reeds that crowded in last summer. It looks beautiful! And you can hear the occasional slapping of the beaver tail on the water.  This is what lies beneath the sticks, branches and mud…


Now that the pond is so clear and we can access its shores so easily AND it’s freezing…are you thinking what I’m thinking???



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