Double Brook Farm Gets Ivy Credentials

Over the summer, a professor at Princeton, Adam Maloof, approached the farm with a strange request. He wanted to know if he could take some of the bones from carcasses in the meat cutting operation and bury them on Princeton’s campus for study by his class. We got the obligatory questions out of the way (How many bones? About a cow’s worth. How big do you need them? All sizes.)…

And then he got up with Tim.


Tim and Cole (above) prepared the bags of bones, literally (!), and Kenny and Darnell (below) helped stuff them into the back of Adam’s Prius. Bag of bones? Prius? There’s irony here somewhere, I know it.


Over at the university, Adam, some fellow professors and some students got busy burying the bones. Below are student, Jon Husson (grey shirt), and fellow professor Frederik Simons (blue shirt) readying the bones.



Just in case you were wondering what in the world Professors Maloof and Simons are teaching, it is a Freshman Seminar entitled¬†Earth’s Environments & Ancient Civilizations.¬† They are using the bones to test some instruments for the class, such as 1) a ground penetrating radar, 2) a magnetometer, and 3) an instrument that measures electrical resistivity. Below is Adam measuring something important!


It sounded all very scientific (archeology, geology and the like) until I read the course synopsis and discovered that there is a REQUIRED WEEK-LONG FALL BREAK TRIP TO CYPRUS for so-called “research”.¬† No wonder these guys all look so happy! So now I have been angling to devise a way for representatives from Double Brook Farm – such a key player in the course and, really, the LIVES of these freshman – to also go on the trip.

Stay tuned…



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